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About Us

When I was young, my favourite color was blue, light blue. I loved everything about this color: the sky, the sea, I even made sure my parents would buy me clothes and shoes in light blue. When I founded Miss Nella Kids back in 2015, there was no doubt that the first color was going to be *drum rolls* LIGHT BLUE (Mermaid Blue). Like many other brilliant things in life and in business, our kids line started from a mistake. We wanted to bring something new in the adults’ nail polish field - a range of peel off nail polish to serve hard working women, pregnant women and women that, for whatever reason, could not or simply chose not to put any classic nail polish on their nails.

While working on the project and when receiving the first adult line, we realised that the ones that need this the most are our kids. Why would we let a five-year-old play with a not-so-kind on skin (and mum’s wallet) nail polish? Why not let the kids pretend play without the damage to their health and adults’ expensive products. And there and then it hit us: we NEEDED to focus on safe cosmetics aimed at kids. Six months later, we launched our first collection: six peel off nail polish colors for kids under “Miss Nella” the ladybug, with Mermaid Light Blue being the first Miss Nella color ever produced. The name Miss Nella also took inspiration from the adults’ line, which was Nella Milano. This line was stopped a year later and at the end of 2015, we had 14 colors under the Miss Nella line. In 2017, we came to another realisation: we had to put a stop to kids using adult make up, which is not fit or in any way kind to their fragile and sensitive skin, so we launched our safe makeup range.

Today, we have more than 60 different items, ranging from nail polishes and makeup items to many different accessories, such as our Pop-up suitcase, the super cute nail dryer, the ever so popular nail kit, and many more. We have changed over the years, but our motto has stayed the same: designed for kids, loved by all. Our plan for the future of Miss Nella is to keep creating products that make a child shriek with joy and excitement and put parents anxiety to ease, knowing it’s safe to let them play and enjoy colours in a mess-free safe environment.