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Ladybird Nail Dryer


Make nail painting even more fun for your children with this cheeky Ladybird Nail Dryer that blows your nails dry so you won’t have to. Simply paint your nails with the Miss Nella peel-off nail polish for kids, press the...

Nails and Accessories Set


Help boost your children’s curiosity and creativity with this Miss Nella Nails and Accessories Set. This set features all the nails accessories your kid will need for dress-up: One nail filer A pair of toe separators Two lots of fun...

Canvas Makeup Bag


Keep all your kids' makeup sets together with this Miss Nella canvas bag.It is 100% cotton, with handles and a sturdy zip. Store all of your Miss Nella children makeup in it for weekend getaways or safekeeping at home. It...

Brush Set Brush Set

Brush Set

$15.99 $12.99

Let your little ones get creative with their kids’ make up sets and these Miss Nella makeup brushes. This cheeky brush set features four makeup brushes for kids: an eyebrow and lash brush, together with other four gentle brushes for...

Pink Make Up Bag


Keep all your kids' makeup sets together with this Miss Nella toiletries bag.Store all of your Miss Nella children make up in it for weekend getaways or safekeeping at home. It is strong and stylish, and you won't have to worry...

Silicon Placement Mat


Play with different colors and paint your nails together without making a mess or sacrificing your furniture. Lay out this spill-proof Miss Nella Silicon Mat for every nail painting session, and simply clean it afterwards with a paper towel or...

Essential Accessories Product Information


- Keep the brush set, nail accessories, and Ladybird nail dryer dry
- Store gift packaging separately to prevent creasing and soiling
- Protect nail polish from drying out, and clean dried polish
- Clean the silicon placement mat with a child-safe cleaning spray
- Clean the brush set with soap and keep the brush head down
- Avoid direct sunlight after applying tattoo stickers


- Keep all accessories away from liquids and store them in a dry place.
- Store items in a spacious location to preserve their packaging.
- Ensure that liquid products, such as polish bottles, are tightly closed before storage.
- After cleaning, thoroughly dry the silicon placement mat and store it in an open position.
- Clean and dry brushes before storing them after use.
- Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and humidity when applying tattoo stickers.
- Store all products in a cool, dry place to maintain their quality.


- Glamorous Picks: Luxuriously packaged for an elegant touch, contact us.
- Birthday Bliss: festive packaging for birthdays
- Gift packaging: Whimsical packaging for imaginative play
- Our unique packaging: inspiring packaging for young explorers
- Canvas Bag: Enchanting packaging with a sprinkle of magic


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Essential Accessories FAQs

What are the benefits of using a brush set?

Using a brush set ensures a clean and precise makeup application. It teaches kids the importance of proper tools and techniques for different makeup products, like using a thin brush for eyeshadow and a large brush for blush.

Why is it beneficial for kids to use a nail dryer?

Investing a small amount in a nail dryer helps kids complete the nail polish application process effectively. It teaches patience and prevents smudging, ensuring the nail polish dries completely. Plus, it avoids the frustration of finding nail polish stains on furniture after removing the polish.

Why should I consider buying a silicon placement mat for my child?

A silicon placement mat helps kids learn to apply nail polish neatly. It promotes cleanliness, aesthetic order, and the idea that everything has its designated place, even nail polish. It keeps the child, their workspace, and their environment clean and organised.